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Question and Answer Comments: Panel I
Pages 77-80

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From page 77...
... She did a little personal survey of female graduate students at MIT and asked them about their experience at MIT (and they were mostly in hard sciences) , and they said, to make a long story very short, that they had no problem competing with the men in all the work in the graduate school, but they found the experience exceedingly uncomfortable because they didn't like being forced to compete in sort of Oxford high table style of put-down-the-other-personintellectually in the classroom.
From page 78...
... Tapia I appreciate your comments, and right now the National Science Foundation, and I am on the National Science Board, we realize that, and what we are trying to do is make the department a focal unit. At Rice, I could tell you three departments that are socalled"good" departments and three departments that are "bad" departments (and you could guess which ones they are)
From page 79...
... Linn: One of the things that we are interested in is helping students early become critics of the Internet material that they encounter, and indeed, if you want a good source of alternative medicine, actually one of my favorite Web sites now, and I will refer you all to it is astro-economics, where you can use astrology to improve your economic forecasting skills. I think that starting early with developing critical thinking skills about the Internet materials that are out there and available is really a great opportunity, and one of the things that we are trying to do in this program is present the Internet as something that needs to be viewed with some skepticism.
From page 80...
... So, it seems to me that the Internet is a great opportunity for developing critical thinking.

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