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Question and Answer Comments: Panel III
Pages 84-87

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From page 84...
... In that report, there is one wonderful sentence that says something to the effect that the whole issue after all is the role of prejudice in evaluating talent. That is a statement from the MIT Women's Faculty Report and documenting discrimination, prejudice in the way that talent of the tenured women faculty particularly was being evaluated by their peers and their department heads, and I hope that others will agree that looking at that evaluation could move us all along.
From page 85...
... There is no social postpuberty explanation, and it comes from the National Geographic Society's Geographic Bee. There is a competition every year; some 8,000 to 10,000 middle schools participate.
From page 86...
... Balancing family issues is a difficult thing for women. Some years ago a very successful scientist came to speak at our university for Women's History Month, and as she was discussing her career she mentioned that she had taken less than four days of maternity leave for the birth of her four children.
From page 87...
... Fox: They had scientific leadership at department levels, at deans' levels, and at upper administration levels, something that I really think you need to think about as well with respect to these questions. I can tell you it does not go without notice the fact that I can sign on a budget for $750 million a year in the administration of North Carolina State University.

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