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Appendix B Acknowledgments
Pages 591-593

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From page 591...
... Through openly sharing their consicierable expertise and different outlooks, these inclivicluals and organizations brought clarity and focus to the challenging task of setting Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIB) for vitamins A and K, boron, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, vanaclium, and zinc.
From page 592...
... 592 Carol Ballew Neil Binkley Sarah Booth Barbara Bowman Lewis Braverman Gary Brittenham James Cook James Coughlin Francoise Delange Kay Dewey Judy Douglas Curtis Eckhert Mark Failla Jeanne FreelanciGraves James Friel Victor Gorcleuk Michael Green DIETARY REFERENCE INTAKES INDIVIDUALS John Hathcock James Heimbach Terresita Hernanclez Curtiss Hunt Janet Hunt Cliff Johnson Bo Lonnercial Anne Looker Henry Lukaski John McNeill David Milne Phylis Moser-Veillon Joe Mulinare Mary Murphy Richard Nelson Forrest Nielsen Donald Oberleas Cynthia Ogden James Olson Charlene Rain ey Helen Rasmussen Harold Sandstead Leon Schurgers Chris Sempos Anuraj Shankar Dianne Soprano Anne Sowell Charles Stephensen Phillip Strong Guangwen Tang Eric Uthus Karin van bet Hof Clive West Ulf Wieganci Jan Wolff FEDERAL ADVISORY STEERING COMMITTEE Barbara Bowman Elizabeth Castro Margaret Cheney Carolyn Clifford Paul Coates Rebecca Costello Kathleen Ellwood Nancy Ernst Peter Fischer Elizabeth Frazac, Karl Fried1 Nancy Gaston Jay Hirschman Van Hubbard Clifford Johnson Christine Lewis Jean Lloyd Melvin Mathias Linda Meyers Esther Myers Cynthia Ogden Susan Pitch Pamela Starke-Reec Jacqueline Wright Elizabeth Yetley
From page 593...
... APPENDIX B ORGANIZATIONS American Dietetic Association American Society for Nutritional Sciences Council for Responsible Nutrition Fecleration of American Scientists for Experimental Biology Health Canacia Institute of Food Technologists Nutrition Coordinating Center, University of Minnesota 593

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