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Appendix J Glossary and Acronyms
Pages 704-708

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From page 704...
... /height (cm) 2 Coronary heart disease Elemental symbol for chromium 704
From page 705...
... Environmental Protection Agency Erythrocyte Reci blood cell FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FASEB Fecleration of American Societies for Experi mental Biology FDA Food and Drug Administration Fe Elemental symbol for iron FNB Food and Nutrition Board Function Role playoci by a nutrient in growth, clevelop ment, and maturation Gravici Pregnant Hazard First step in a risk assessment, which is concerned identification with the collection, organization, and evalua tion of all information pertaining to the toxic properties of a nutrient HIV Human immunodeficiency virus HRT Hormone replacement therapy
From page 706...
... of a nutrient at which an adverse effect has been identified Life Sciences Research Office Mean corpuscular hemoglobin the amount of hemoglobin in erythrocytes (red blood cells) Mean corpuscular volume the volume of the average erythrocyte Myocardial infarction Elemental symbol for manganese Manganese superoxide dismutase Metal response element transcription factor
From page 707...
... ; it includes the development of both qualitative and quantitative expressions of risk Risk Final step in a risk assessment, which summarizes characterization the conclusions from steps 1 through 3 of the risk assessment (hazard identification, dose re sponse, and estimates of exposure) and evaluates the risk; this step also includes a characteriza tion of the degree of scientific confidence that can be placed in the Tolerable Upper Intake Level Risk management Process by which risk assessment results are integrateci with other information to make decisions about the neeci for, method of, and extent of risk reduction; in addition, risk management
From page 708...
... ; the size of the UF varies depending on the confidence in the data and the nature of the adverse effect UL Tolerable Upper Intake Level USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture VLDL Very low density lipoprotein WHO World Health Organization

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