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Appendix F: U.S. Social Security Administration's Criteria for Qualifying as Disabled from MS
Pages 401-404

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From page 401...
... The major criteria for evaluating impairment caused by multiple sclerosis are discussed in Listing 11.09. Paragraph A provides criteria for evaluating disorganization of motor function and gives reference to 11.04B (11.04B then refers to 11.00C)
From page 402...
... The impairment of central visual acuity in these cases should be evaluated under the criteria in Listing 2.02, taking into account the fact that the decrease in visual acuity will wax and wane. Clarification of the evidence regarding central nervous system dysfunction responsible for the symptoms may require supporting technical evidence of function impairment such as evoked response tests during exercise.
From page 403...
... History and physical examination or laboratory tests demonstrate the presence of a specific organic factor judged to be Biologically related to the abnormal mental state and loss of previously acquired functional abilities. The required level of severity for these disorders is met when the requirements in both A and B are satisfied.
From page 404...
... 404 APPENDIX F 4. Repeated episodes of deterioration or decompensation in work or work-like settings which cause the individual to withdraw from that situation or to experience exacerbation of signs and symptoms (which may include deterioration of adaptive behaviors)

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