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Remarks for the Chemical sciences Roundtable Dinner
Pages 94-99

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From page 94...
... As a recent report from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy observes, "Technology is transforming the very basis of competition enabling small businesses to perform high-quality design and manufacturing work that previously required the resources of big business, while allowing big businesses to achieve the speed, flexibility, and proximity to customers that were once the sole domain of smaller firms." I am from an area that is in that environment, and it is so fascinating that the new CEOs don't wear these dark suits and white shirts and ties. They are in sneakers, Office of Science and Technology.
From page 95...
... Moreover, a recent survey supported by the Sloan Foundation reports that there are now trends showing that the best and the brightest students are avoiding graduate science and engineering degree programs. Over the past 10 years, those taking the Graduate Record Exam intending to pursue science and engineering have declined by 16 percent.
From page 96...
... Two years ago, the House Science Committee heard testimony on the findings of the study from David Shaw, who chaired the panel. Two major themes that emerged from the Shaw panel's report were the inadequacy of funding for education research and the absence of activities connecting research to effective learning strategies in the classroom.
From page 97...
... Another prominent recommendation of the Shaw panel was for a major federal investment in largescale, rigorous, well-controlled empirical research aimed at determining which educational approaches are most effective in practice. The Shaw report was a major impetus for the Administration's Interagency Education Research Initiative started last year, involving NSF, the Department of Education, and NIH.
From page 98...
... Now, in terms of the appropriators, that is the next story. It is somewhat hard to predict, although I think each of us on the committee has done our own private lobbying to try to convey how important it is, and that we realize how difficult it is to address.
From page 99...
... Keep the issues on the minds of those appropriators, because they have the final say-so. The President has really taken the lead in emphasizing the need for more scientific research and for more dollars going in that direction.

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