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Executive Summary
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... Another major environmental concern is the potential for long-term migration of radionuclides from low- and high-level nuclear waste disposal facilities. Development of flow and transport models for the vadose zone is a key requirement for designing remediation and long-term stewardship strategies.
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... After reviewing the process through which conceptual models of flow and transport in the fractured vadose zone are developed, tested, refined, and reviewed, the Panel produced the following conclusions grouped according to the two major topics addressed in this report: (1) general considerations during the development and testing of conceptual models, and (2)
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... CONCLUSIONS ON FLOW AND TRANSPORT IN THE FRACTURED VADOSE ZONE 1. There exists a body of field evidence indicating that infiltration through fractured rocks and structured soils does not always occur as a wetting front advancing at a uniform rate; accordingly, any model simulations that assume a uniform wetting front within a homogeneous medium may provide erroneous estimates of flux and travel times through the vadose zone.
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... Use of geochemical and environmental tracer data in several studies has led to substantial revisions of conceptual models initially based upon hydrodynamic analysis. RECOMMENDED RESEARCH Flow and transport in the fractured vadose zone have been, and will continue to be, an active area of research in both the soil science and subsurface hydrology disciplines.
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... These experiments should be designed to understand the controlling processes for a broad range of field conditions, to evaluate methods of parameter upscaling, and to test alternative conceptual models.

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