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Appendix H: Core Competencies for Family Violence
Pages 327-330

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From page 327...
... Competencies related to identification and documentation of abuse and its health effects: Know developmentally appropriate questions to be used in screening in various settings (for example, McFarlane and Parker's (1994) "Abuse Assessment Screened.
From page 328...
... Refer to social worker, shelter, and legal counsel as appropriate. Competencies related to ethical, legal, and cultural issues of reporting and treatment: Know state and national legal mandates regarding domestic violence, including mandatory reporting responsibilities.
From page 329...
... APPENDIX H 329 Source: American Association of Colleges of Nursing, "Appendix A: Competencies Necessary for Nurses to Provide High Quality Care to Victims of Domestic Violence," In "Position Statement: Violence as a Public Health Problem," [28 August 2000] , Reprinted with permission.

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