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7 Lessons Learned from the Quarantine of Apollo Lunar Samples
Pages 60-62

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From page 60...
... On the other hand, the quarantine program would have to be judged a failure. It greatly complicated sample processing, yet if lunar material had contained lethal microorganisms Earth would have been infected in two places: the Pacific Ocean, and Houston, Texas.
From page 61...
... The difficulties that were encountered can be ascribed mostly to some poor managerial choices made by NASA, the small amount of time available to set up and test a new and unprecedented enterprise, and a certain amount of internecine warfare that developed (Headquarters versus the Manned Spacecraft Center, Office of Space Science and Applications versus Office of Manned Space Flight, physical science versus biology)
From page 62...
... The Lunar Sample Analysis Planning Team (LSAPT) won the confidence of the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center' s director to such an extent that its recommendations were almost always implemented.

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