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Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 115-117

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From page 115...
... Acronyms and Abbreviations ac alternating current ACC Advanced Composites Consortium AEMD automotive electric motor drive AIPM automotive integrated power module AISI American Iron and Steel Institute Al MCC aluminum metal matrix composite ANL Argonne National Laboratory APBF-DEC Advanced Petroleum-Based Fuel-Diesel Emission Control ASM American Society of Metals AVFL Advanced Vehicle, Fuel, Lubricant [Committee] BIW body-in-white BNL Brookhaven National Laboratory BTU British thermal unit CAD computer-aided design CAFE corporate average fuel economy CARB California Air Resources Board CFRP c arb on- fib er-reinforc ed polymer C I D I c o m p r e s s i o n - i g n i t i o n d i r e c t - i n j e c t i o n CO carbon monoxide CO2 carbon dioxide CRADA cooperative research and development agreement CRC Coordinating Research Council CRT continually regenerating trap 115
From page 116...
... . Ll-lon LIMB T LIP Los Alamos National Laboratory low-emission vehicle lower heating value lithium ion lightweight injection-molded glass-fiber-reinforced plastic body technology lithium ion polymer
From page 117...
... ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS 117 low-sulfur low-aromatics high-cetane petroleum-based diesel MMC metal matrix composite mpg miles per gallon MTBE methyl tertiary-butyl ether NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NiMH nickel metal hydride NOx nitrogen oxides NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory NSF National Science Foundation OAAT Office of Advanced Automotive Technologies ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory PAH polyaromatic hydrocarbon PEM proton exchange membrane PM particulate matter PNGV Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory POX partial oxidation ppm parts per million PSAT PNGV Systems Analysis Tool R&D research and development SAE Society of Automotive Engineers SBIR small business innovation research program SCR selective catalytic reduction SNL Sandia National Laboratories SO2 sulfur dioxide SPCO Silicon Power Corporation SUV sport utility vehicle TACOM U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command ULEV ultralow emission vehicle ULSAB ultralight steel auto body ULSAB-AVC Ultralight Steel Auto Body-Advanced Vehicle Concepts USABC United States Advanced Battery Consortium USCAR United States Council for Automotive Research 4SDI four-stroke direct-injection

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