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4. Making Disruptive Prototypes: Another Approach to Stimulating Research
Pages 9-12

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... Box 4. ~ lists some research directions indentified by workshop participants as ways of stimulating such disruptive network designs.
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... ~~310~t''' ~s~s~s~s~''''s~:~''''s~ssS~s~s~s~s~s~:~s~Sss~s~s~s~sss~s~s~s Is: s~s~ss' ~~i~ :~ :~::: :':!
From page 12...
... EXTERNAL DRIVERS While focused on the disruptive ideas that could emerge from within the networking research community, workshop participants also noted the potential impact of external forces and suggested that networking (like any area of computer science) should watch neighboring fields and try to assess where disruptions might cause a sudden shift in current practice.

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