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Appendix D: Site Visit Synthesis
Pages 430-433

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From page 430...
... Finally, the committee held a number of open sessions in which parents and other interested parties could talk to the committee. D.2 RECURRING THEMES Though the individuals to whom the committee spoke cannot be taken as being drawn from a representative population, a number of themes did occur repeatedly during the various site visits.
From page 431...
... · High school students expressed a number of common sentiments, including the following: They often needed for research purposes information on Web sites that were blocked by the school filter ("improper blockings. They rarely or never complained to teachers about such blocking because they could get information anyway through home access.
From page 432...
... In general, those students with home access have the most expertise, and hence the most knowledge about how to circumvent adults, know what is available on the net, and know where to find what they should not see. Parents acknowledged the knowledge gap as well, pointing out that they were uncomfortable working in an area in which they could not presume superior knowledge and experience and thus did not know how to properly instruct their children in this area.
From page 433...
... were unable or unwilling to provide supervision; nevertheless, they generally expressed considerable hesitation to involve the government in this problem (a view that was expressed by both liberal and conservative parents)

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