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4 Socioeconomic Module
Pages 20-25

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From page 20...
... Census data rather than 1990 data will substantially reduce the error in the starting values for these coefficients. It is worth emphasizing that errors in the base population figures will propagate throughout the CCAM because population is used in the Fiscal and Human Infrastructure Modules to calculate various intermediate and final output measures.
From page 21...
... The first method, which begins with population and projects land use changes based on population changes, is used only in the socioeconomic section and is justified "as a frame of reference" or internal consistency check. Population growth in the Florida Keys is certainly affected by public policies such as the Rate of Growth Ordinance (ROGO)
From page 22...
... Increased scarcity of suitable land is also likely to cause an increase in housing prices, which may cause changes in community composition that may, in turn, change everything from the demographic structure of the community to the average number of persons per dwelling. It is incorrect to assume, as is done in Section 3.2.2 of the Draft CCAM, that densities "will remain essentially constant" because of limited population growth.
From page 23...
... Though there is a large existing literature on housing demand, existing housing demand models would need to be customized for application to the Florida Keys. At a minimum, such an approach would allow changes in developable land to affect housing prices.
From page 24...
... Section 3.8 of the Draft CCAM report states that "many of the important Impact Assessment Variables (IAV) that are CCAM outputs are related to quality of life issues as put forth by the community." The IAVs, however, do not match closely with results from the PIIP as listed in Table 3.21 of the Draft CCAM report.
From page 25...
... The report's description of the Socioeconomic Module in Appendix C contained insufficient information to gain an understanding of particular calculations. Specific comments on these points are given in Appendix D of this report.

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