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10 Conclusions
Pages 47-50

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From page 47...
... Given the many concerns described in this report, the Committee does not believe that the current version of the CCAM is ready to be used "as an impact assessment tool to support regional land use policy decisions" or to provide "an effective framework to determine whether scenarios fall within the carrying capacity of the Florida Keys, determined by a set of ecological, socioeconomic, and human infrastructure thresholds and criteria." (URS Corporation, Inc., 2001a)
From page 48...
... Socioeconomic and Quality of Life Modules As currently constructed, these modules are seriously compromised and should not be used without the extensive modifications described in Section 4 of this review. Using current data to calculate the Affordable Housing Index (AHI)
From page 49...
... Marine Module It is most unfortunate that a component of the Florida Keys environment that generates much public concern and constitutes the major tourist attraction of Monroe County is represented by the weakest component of the CCAM. The contractor appears to have made a serious effort to create a useful Marine Module, but was unable to develop convincing quantitative relationships between land use, population, and environmental conditions in near-shore waters.
From page 50...
... In many ways this was a pioneering effort and its major long-term benefit may lie in the heuristic value of the exercise and in the personal interactions and exchanges among members of the public, environmental scientists, and planners who took part in the process of model development. The current knowledge base in the environmental and social sciences is simply not yet adequate to enable anyone to "determine the ability of the Florida Keys ecosystem to withstand all impacts of additional land development activities." That knowledge cannot be ordered up no matter how badly it is needed or desired.

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