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1 Introduction
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... Over a four-year period the plan was subjected to legal challenges that highlighted several aspects of the Florida Keys ecosystem as potential "carrying capacity indicators," including the nearshore water quality, the health and extent of native seagrasses, population and distribution of the endangered Key deer, and hurricane evacuation capability. After a lengthy process of public debate and legal proceedings, the Florida Administration Commission and the Governor issued Rule 28.20-100 in 1996, which contains a five-year work program for Monroe County (Florida Administration Commission Rule 28.20-100, 1996~.
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... In addition, the committee was asked to assess the ability of the FKCCS to fulfill its stated goal of "determining the ability of the Florida Keys ecosystem to withstand all impacts of additional land development activities," and to determine the extent to which the conclusions were reached based on a sound scientific process. The committee was specifically charged to review and comment on the following: the overall design assumptions; the data used; the requirements, responses, limiting factors, and thresholds for the study categories selected; the determination of how land development activities will affect study categories; and the adequacy and reliability of the study as a basis for local and state land management and planning decisions.
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... The NRC Committee requested several supplementary documents cited in the Draft CCAM for review and clarification that are listed at the end of the report. In addition, the committee submitted a set of over 150 questions to the contractors at URS Corp., for which they provided written answers prior to attending a public meeting with the committee in January 2002 (Appendix D)

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