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2 Overarching Comments and Concerns
Pages 8-13

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From page 8...
... As the committee emphasized in its interim report, it is not at all clear that it is possible to create a tool capable of credibly evaluating the impact of development on all of the Keys' varied natural resources in such a short period of time, if at all (National Research Council, 2001~. That said, the Draft CCAM is currently the only analytical tool available that attempts to integrate quantifiable data from multiple sources and contexts to evaluate the environmental impacts of development in the Florida Keys.
From page 9...
... The CCAM can be used to evaluate some of the impacts of development on the Keys, but not with great precision due to the very nature of the techniques used and the data available. Given the policy decision to avoid new data collection as well as the short timeframe for the study, the consultants were forced to rely on standard techniques and parameters developed for general application that were not refined to reflect the unusual conditions found in the Florida Keys.
From page 10...
... Important but unmodeled processes exist in virtually every module. These include but are not limited to: the impact of external demand for vacation properties on land values, impacts on water quality in canals, explicit consideration of the impact of tourist activities, consideration of external sources of pollution loadings, and any consideration of marine biology.
From page 11...
... Draft CCAM Conclusions Extreme caution is required when portraying Draft CCAM results as evidence of what would actually happen if a particular land use alternative should actually come to pass. The uncalibrated nature of the model and its lack of precision make it impossible to draw firm conclusions, particularly when those conclusions are called into question by existing data or anecdotal evidence.
From page 12...
... If an undeveloped parcel is fitted with a single house or a shopping center, the entire parcel is included in the increased "footprint"; however, if an obsolete gas station is replaced with a strip mall, the "footprint" of the parcel does not change.
From page 13...
... 2In the design professions, the term footprint normally describes only that area of a site that is actually covered with a structure.

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