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Education and Learning to Think (1987) / Chapter Skim
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Pages 59-62

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From page 59...
... BROWNE Department of Economics Bowling Green State University 59 COURTNEY B CAZDEN Graduate School of Education Harvard University MICHAEL COLE Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition University of California, San Diego MARTIN COVINGTON Department of Psychology University of California, Berkeley DONALD F
From page 60...
... JULIA S HOUGH Director The Franklin Institute Press Philadelphia APPENDIX RALPH JOHNSON Department of Philosophy University of Windsor BEAU FLY JONES Chicago Public Schools STUART KEELEY Department of Psychology Bowling Green State University LAWRENCE KOHLBERG Graduate School of Education Harvard University JILL LAEIKIN Department of Psychology Carnegie-Mellon University DONALD LAZERE Department of English California Polytechnic State University MARK LEPPER Department of Psychology Stanford University MATTHEW LIPMAN Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children Montclair State College JACK LOCHHEAD Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Massachusetts JOHN McPECK Department of Philosophy University of Western Ontario SARAH MICHAELS Graduate School of Education Harvard University
From page 61...
... RUBENSTEIN School of Engineering and Applied Sciences University of California, I~os Angeles MARLENE SCARDAMALIA Center for Applied Cognitive ~ ;>clence Ontario Institute for Studies in Education ALAN SCHOENFELD School of Education University of California, Berkeley 61 MICHAEL SCRIVEN Department of Education University of Western Australia IRVING SIGEL Senior Researcher Educational Testing Service Princeton, N.J.
From page 62...
... 62 DONALD R WOODS Department of Chemical ~ · ~ng~neer~ng McMaster University APPENDIX

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