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Appendix D: Workshop Agendas
Pages 122-125

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... 3:00p.m. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6 OPEN SESSION Welcome John Steele, Chair, and Susan Roberts, Study Director Sponsor perspectives Michael Sissenwine, National Marine Fisheries Service Lunch Jeremy Collie presents overview of effects of mobile gear on seafloor habitats Peter Auster presents overview of effects on benthic communities Joe DeAlteris presents overview of gear versus natural disturbance Open session adjourns for the day 8:00 a.m.
From page 123...
... Management of bottom gear in the Gulf of Mexico with emphasis on trawling and thoughts on impacts to essential fish habitat Rick Leard, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council 2:00 p.m. State management of bottom trawl fisheries Jeff Rester, Gulf States Marine Fisheries Com.
From page 124...
... Petersburg Oculina Banks Felicia Coleman, Florida State University General discussion Lunch Open session adjourns for the day WestCoast International Inn Anchorage, AK May 31- June 2, 2001 Lunch Overview of North Pacific ecosystem and fisheries Gordon Kruse, Alaska Department of Fish and Game Management perspectives on effects of bottom trawling on marine habitat off Alaska Chris Oliver, Dave Witherell, and Cathy Coon North Pacific Fishery Management Council A trawl industry perspective on the seafloor effects of trawling off Alaska John Gauvin, Groundicsh Forum; Bill Hayes, Commercial Fisherman Commercial flatfish fishing in the Bering Sea: Experimental trawling and implications for long-term change Eloise Brown, University of Alaska, Fairbanks Trawl dynamics and its potential impact on habitat Gary Loverich, NET-systems Break
From page 125...
... APPENDIX D 125 3 00 p m Canadian research on mobile gear impacts on seabed habitat and communities—Don Gor don, Bedford Institute of Oceanography 3 30 p m Fishing gear impacts on benthic habitat in Alaska, Part 1: Overview of research program Jon Heifetz, AFSC Auke Bay 4:00 p.m. Fishing gear impacts on benthic habitat in Alaska, Part 2: Development of alternatives to protect habitat Jon Heifetz, AFSC Auke Bay 4 30 p m Mapping essential fish habitat—Mike Payne et al National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Region 5 00 p m Panel Discussion 5 30 p m Meeting adjourns for the day SATURDAY, JUNE 2 OPEN SESSION 8 00 a m Breakfast 8 30 a m Application of first principles to understanding impacts of mobile fishing gear on the marine benthos Les Watling, University of Maine 9 00 a m Integrating use, management, and protection of the ocean bottom—Mark Powell, Center for Marine Conservation 9 20 a m Sustainable fisheries in light of scientific uncertainty—Ben Enticknap Alaska Marine Conser vation Council 9 40 a m PMCC: Creating an incentive system for sustainable fisheries—Caroline Gibson Pacific Ma rine Conservation Council 10 00 a m Break 10 10 a m The scallop fishery in Alaska Teressa Kandianis, Kodiak Fish Company 10 30 a m Trawling and the Pacific fishing industry—Ralph Brown groundfish trawler and member of the Pacific Fishery Management Council 10 50 am Trawling and the North Pacific fishing industry—Trevor McCabe AtSea Processors Association 11 10 a m Habitat protection in the face of uncertainty Francine Bennis, Alaska Ocean Network 11 30 a m Panel discussion 12 15 p m Lunch 1 00 p m Open session adjourns

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