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1 Executive Summary
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... Data obtained by the committee regarding current and anticipated research activities demonstrate that an NRN could dramatically improve the productivity and quality of output of the U.S. research community.
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... . National research network users (the scientific research community)
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... charging for network use. The committee recommends that economic incentives be provided to encourage industry to provide existing network technology to the NRN, but that the government provide funding for advanced network development in cooperation with industrial research efforts where possible.
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... Discussions of an NRN can easily assume a stand-alone network, but the committee concluded that the proposed network must build on existing and anticipated commercial network facilities and network-based services. It encourages those responsible for developing and implementing the NRN to work with the common carriers and computer vendors; it also encourages long-range planning that would allow for the eventual transition of at least portions of a government-developed NRN to industry, because meeting the service and access goals of the network implies resources beyond the apparent capabilities of federal mission agencies or the National Science Foundation.

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