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From page 39...
... The OSTP report begins to address the basic issues for an NRN, but it is silent on many important issues, especially those pertaining to the relationship between the NRN and commercial network services. (Nevertheless, the fundamental recommendation for an NRN is sound, as far as it goes.)
From page 40...
... BERNET l, Ill: Berlin Network BITNET: Because It's Time Network COSAC: Communications sans Connections CSIRONET: Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization Network CSNET: Computer Science Network DON: Defense Data Network DECNET E-net: DEC Engineering Network DEN: Deutsche Forschungsnetz DSIRnet: Government network in New Zealand EARN: European Academic Research Network KIN: European Informatics Network EUnet: European Unix Network HARN ET: Hong Kong Academic & Research Network HEANET: Higher Education Authority Network HEPNET: High Energy Physics Network HMINET l, ll: Hahn-Meitner Institut IBM VNET: Virtual Network INFNET: Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare ISO-OSI: International Organization for Standardization-Open Systems Interconnect JANET: Joint Academic Network JUNET: Japanese Unix Network MILNET: Military Network NORDUNET: Nordic University Network NSFnet: National Science Foundation Network NSN: NASA Science Network PACN ET: Pacific Network RangKoM: Rangkaian Komputer Malaysia REUNIR: Reseaux des Universites et de la Recherche SON: System Development Network SERCnet: Science Engineering Research Coun. cil Network SINET: Schlumberger Information Network SPAN: Space Physics Analysis Network SPEARNET: South Pacific Education and Research Network SUNET: Swedish University Network SURFNET: Dutch university network UNA: Universitats-Netz Austria UNINETT: Nordic university network USENET: Users' Network UUCP: Unix to Unix Copy Xerox CIN: Corporate Internet Xerox RIN: Research Internet Note: CDNnet, CYCLADES, EAN, NETNORTH, and SMARTIX are not acronyms.
From page 41...
... FIGURE 2 OSTP funding projections for the three phases of the national research network. Source: Office of Science and Technology Policy, Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology, Committee on Computer Research and Applications.

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