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From page 45...
... Only the simplest capabilities, such as electronic mail and small file transfers, are now usable. Capacity, for example, is orders of magnitude less than the rates required, even if the network is used only for graphics.
From page 46...
... Longer-range estimates vary, but it is expected that by the year 1995 the nation's research community will be able to make effective use of a high capacity national network with capacity measured in billions of bits per second. Without improved networks, speed of data transmission will be a limiting factor in the ability of researchers to carry out complex analyses.
From page 47...
... and high (gigabit range. Japan is studying operational aspects of fiber nets using their national research network as a testbed.
From page 48...
... Until the national research network can replace the current system, existing networks should be maintained and modified as they join the national network. Remedial action should be initiated as soon as possible.
From page 49...
... which have been set for voice transmission should be reviewed in light of the requirements for transmission of data through computer networking. Prompt effective coordination is needed to increase user participation in the standards development process, to get requirements for standards expressed early in the development process, and to speed the implementation of standards in commercial off-the-shelf products.

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