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Executive Summary
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... The committee believes that serious and sustained analysis and discussion of the complex constellation of issues presented by nationwide identity systems are needed. Understanding the goals of such a system is a primary consideration.
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... Possibilities range from expediting and/or tracking travel to prospectively monitoring individuals' activities in order to identify and look for suspicious activity to retrospectively identifying perpetrators of crimes. · What is the scope of the population that would be issued an "ID" and, presumably, be recorded in the system?
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... · The goals of a nationwide identity system must be clearly and publicly identified and deliberated upon, with input sought from all stakeholders; public review of these goals prior to selecting a proposed system is essential. · Proponents of such a system should be required to present a very compelling case, addressing the issues raised in this report and soliciting input from a broad range of stakeholder communities.
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... The committee hopes that the extensive set of questions and issues raised here will help to both further and inform the policy debate. The committee welcomes feedback on this brief report as it continues preparing its broader and more in-depth final report on the topic of authentication technologies and their privacy implications.

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