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Appendix B What Is CSTB?
Pages 60-62

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... was established in 1986 to provide independent advice to the federal government on technical and public policy issues relating to computing and communications. Composed of leaders from industry and academia, CSTB conducts studies of critical national issues and makes recommendations to government, industry, and academic researchers.
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... The mission of CSTBis to · Respond to requests from the government, nonprofit organizations, and private industry for advice on computer and telecommunications issues and from the government for advice on computer and telecommunications systems planning, utilization, and modernization; · Monitor and promote the health of the fields of computer science and telecommunications, with attention to issues of human resources, information infrastructure, and societal impacts; · Initiate and conduct studies involving computer science, technology, and telecommunications as critical resources; and · Foster interaction among the disciplines underlying computing and telecommunications technologies and other fields, at large and within the National Academies. As of March 2002,CSTB activities with security and privacy components address privacy in the information age, critical information infrastructure protection, authentication technologies and their privacy implications, information technology for countering terrorism, and geospatial information systems.

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