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2. The Characteristics of Medical Innovation
Pages 12-14

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... Corresponding innovations in the health care delivery system have not taken place. David Lawrence and Terry Grossman of the Lion Gate Management Corporation and the Kennedy School of Government both emphasized the need for innovations in the health care delivery system if the full benefits of innovation in diagnostics, therapeutics, and devices are to be achieved.
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... This bank would fund a number of major experiments and from these we would learn about how best to establish a health care information infrastructure. DEVICES AND DRUGS ARE DIFFERENT IN THEIR COST-EFFECTIVENESS OVER TIME Paul Citron said that the paradigms for implanted medical device innovation and drug innovation are quite different.
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... In addition, the pacemaker stores data on what the device has done to help the cardiologist understand how the patient is progressing. Combining intrinsic technology advances and extrinsic factors has progressively improved ICD cost-effectiveness (Stanton et al., 2000~: · Around 1985, ICDs required open-chest implantation.

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