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1. Introduction
Pages 9-11

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... To address this question, the Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy and the Board on Health Care Services organized a conference at the National Academies headquarters on Tune 14-15, 2001. THE CONFERENCE AGENDA The first half of the conference addressed two key aspects of the public policy debate about new medical technology the extent to which new medical technology is driving up health care costs and the challenge of 9
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... In choosing these two diseases, the organizers of the conference sought to contrast the situation for a disease where there has been significant therapeutic progress, cardiovascular disease, with the situation for a disease with, to date, limited therapeutic progress, metastatic melanoma.l Indeed, metastatic melanoma can be considered representative of many cancers in the sense that new drugs are becoming available that provide improvements but at substantial cost. The second half of the conference addressed the impact of innovations in the pipeline and the barriers to these innovations.
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... A transcript of his speech and the subsequent discussion appears in Appendix D

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