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Appendix J: Methods Used to Estimate PAH Loadings to the Marine Environment
Pages 253-254

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... , produced waters, vessel spills, vessel operations, aircraft dumping, two-stroke engines, vessels of less than 100 GT, and coastal facilities, PAH loadings were estimated as a fraction of the total petroleum hydrocarbon loadings, based on measured PAH content of crude oils and refined petroleum products. Environment Canada has measured the amount of a standard suite of PAH listed in Table J-1 in a variety of oils.
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... Norman Wells Nipisi oil Northern Pipeline Middle Pipeline Southern Pipeline Sahara Crude from Norway Statfjord (Norwegian) Prudhoe Bay from biodegradation Osenberg Bent Horn Light crudes Arabian Medium Crude Hedrun Crude Hibernia Lloydminster oil Terra Nova Russia Komi after water correction b 0.013908 a, b c, d, e c, d, e b b, f g b, f g b, f g h, i b j, k, I m b b b b b j, k, I j, k, I j, k, I b b j, k, I j, k, I j, k, I Heavy distillates (average of Bunker C and fuel oil marine diesel)

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