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Appendix A: NEXRAD WSR-88D System Characteristics
Pages 69-72

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From page 69...
... diameter; circular 0.96° at 2.7 GHz; 0.88° at 3.0 GHz 45.8 dB at 2.85 GHz (midband) Linear horizontal -29 dB 360° azimuth; -1° to +45° elevation -1° to +60° 30° s-i (azimuth and elevation)
From page 70...
... Phase control Receiver channels Dynamic range Minimum detectable signal Noise temperature Intermediate frequency Sampling rate Signal Processor Irk l ype Parameters derived Algorithms (respective) Accuracy (Standard Deviation)
From page 71...
... . Digital base data output from the signal processor that includes base reflectivity, mean radial velocity, and spectrum width.
From page 72...
... Mimic Intc~cc is located ~ the Rad~ Product Gcncr~or (RPG)

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