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9. Moving Forward
Pages 150-152

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From page 150...
... The third will require a concerted effort on the part of agencies that sponsor and regulate research. FROM THE MARGINS TO THE MAINSTREAM Recognizing that elder mistreatment crosses categorical boundaries in both health research and social science research, federal funding agencies (e.g., the National Institute on Aging, the Administration on Developmental Disabilities and Rehabilitation Research, and the National Institute of Justice)
From page 151...
... Foundations supporting geriatric education in the professions should pay special attention to those seeking funding or support for careers in elder mistreatment research. An adequate long-term funding commitment to research on elder mistreatment must be made by relevant federal, state, and private agencies to support research careers and to develop the next generation of investigators in the field.
From page 152...
... The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality may be interested in research on reducing elder mistreatment as a measure of quality improvements, not only in nursing homes, but also in the entire range of long-term care settings. In addition, private foundations, such as the American Health Assistance Foundation and the Andrus Foundation, which support research on dementia and Alzheimer's disease, should be encouraged to make elder mistreatment research one of their priority interests.

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