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The Polygraph and Lie Detection (2003) / Chapter Skim
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Appendix C: The Wen Ho Lee Case and the Polygraph
Pages 280-285

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From page 280...
... In addition, the case illustrates the fine line that sometimes divides polygraph screening from event-specific investigation: Wen Ho Lee's polygraph tests included a number of generic screening-type questions, even though the investigators were sometimes interested in specific contacts between Lee and foreign scientists during which specific information may have been passed to the foreigners. The FBI report covers investigations of security lapses at Los Alamos National Laboratory linked to Wen Ho Lee, beginning in 1982 and running through 1999.
From page 281...
... THE 1984 FBI POLYGRAPH Following reports that Wen Ho Lee had unauthorized contacts with representatives of the Peoples' Republic of China (PRC) , the FBI began an extensive investigation of Lee that included physical surveillance, examination of telephone and other records, and a series of interviews with Lee.
From page 282...
... report that Lee revealed a previously unreported 1988 meeting he had in his Bejing hotel room with Hu Side and Zheng Shaoteng, two Chinese nuclear weapons scientists. Zheng had asked Lee about the detonation system for the "primary" of the W88 warhead, and Lee claimed that he told Zheng that he did not know the answer.
From page 283...
... discussion with the principal DOE supervisor who rescored the examination, he confirmed to the committee his concern with the original scoring of the charts and his concern with the FBI statement that he recommended calling Lee back for a follow-up interview. In the meantime, the FBI received copies of the tape and the charts, and its polygraph unit concluded that Lee "did not pass the exam," and that he "seemed to be inconclusive if not deceptive" in his answers to the polygraph (pp.
From page 284...
... There appear to have been admissions made by Lee in the post-test interview that led to a confrontational FBI interview of Lee and ultimately to fairly exhaustive searches of Lee's office and computer files. AN OFFER OF A FOURTH POLYGRAPH After the second FBI polygraph, the investigation turned from whether Lee was responsible for the transmittal of information on the W88 to the Chinese to issues of security violations associated with the movement of computer files from secure systems to nonsecure ones at Los Alamos and the preparation of tapes of these files.
From page 285...
... Stober, D., and I Hoffman 2001 Convenient Spy: Wen Ho Lee and the Politics of Nuclear Espionage.

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