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Appendix B: Oral and Written Contributors
Pages 142-145

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From page 142...
... Daly Consultant Paul Desanker IGBP/START Miombo Network Department of Environmental Sciences University of Virginia Alexander M DeSheribinin Center for International Earth Science Information Network Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Columbia University Gaoussou Diarra Ministere de l'Equipement, de l'Amenagement du Territoire, de l'Environnement et de l'Urbanisme Mali Colonel Mbareck Diop Office of the President Senegal 142
From page 143...
... 143 Richard Humphries Southern African Regional Poverty Network The Human Sciences Research Council South Africa Charles Hutchinson Office of Earth Science National Aeronautics and Space Administration Maman-Sani Issa Agence Beninoise Pour l'Environnment Republique du Benin Mike Jensen Consultant South Africa John A Kelmelis U.S.
From page 144...
... Tagg World Wildlife Fund /Life Project Namibia Drissa Tangara Operation Haute Vallee du Niger Mali Gray Tappan International Program EROS Data Center U.S. Geological Survey Assize Toure Ecological Monitoring Center Senegal Amidou Traore Secretariat Technique Permanent du Cadre Institutionnel de la Gestion des Questions Environnementales Mali Pierre C
From page 145...
... Department of State Robert Winterbottom Environment and Natural Resources Division International Resources Group Robert Zomer International Centre for Research in Agroforestry Kenya

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