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Appendix E: Glossary
Pages 153-155

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From page 153...
... DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Countries with "low" or "medium" gross national income as defined by the World Bank. DIGITAL DIVIDE This term describes the gap in access between developed and developing countries or within a country to information and communication technologies.
From page 154...
... Most commercial software firms make the original source code available only under specific circum stances, usually to collaborating firms, providing the user with only a machine readable version of the software that is difficult to read and/or modify. In some cases, most notably Linux, an open source operating system, large communities have formed around the development and maintenance of specific open source software packages.
From page 155...
... SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (from Our Common Future, Oxford University Press, 1987~. 155 TELECENTER A center offering telephone and other communications services to the public.

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