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7. Synthesis, Modeling, and Evaluation
Pages 69-74

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From page 69...
... This step is critical to accommodate the imperative third step, which is a synthesis of Exxon Valdez oil spill research from 1989 to the present. Though a few programs have completed synthetic views of 69
From page 70...
... The knowledge gained about Prince William Sound is extensive because of Exxon Valdez oil spill funding. Retrospective analyses have led to new hypotheses and ideas in many instances, not the least of which is the concept of a "regime shift" (Francis and Hare, 1994; Hollowed and Wooster, 1995; Anderson and Piatt, 1999)
From page 71...
... This approach will keep the GEM program moving forward by addressing issues that arise from the conceptual foundation and filling gaps identified during the evaluative process. The elements of a successful modeling component are outlined in the GEM monitoring plan.
From page 72...
... This is an excellent background from which synthesis efforts can begin. We applaud the GEM writing committee on the excellent scientific background that they created in Volume II, Part 3.
From page 73...
... The biological support for the science is good, and we commend the GEM team for this strong compilation of the current state of knowledge. Simultaneously, we would like the GEM plan to recognize the tentative nature of some of the most recent unpublished findings.
From page 74...
... That would discourage original hypothesis generation and research in the proposal process. In conclusion, we believe that the GEM plan we reviewed provides an excellent scientific background for the Gulf of Alaska region.

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