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Appendix B: List of Committee Meetings and Briefings
Pages 83-84

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... Ralph Alewine Ill, Department of Defense August 22-23, 2000 John Browne, Los Alamos National Laboratory C Paul Robinson, Sandia National Laboratories Bruce Tarter, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Roy Schwitters, University of Texas John Parmentola, Defense Threat Reduction Agency Victor Utgoff, Institute for Defense Analyses James Silk, Institute for Defense Analyses Brad Roberts, institute for Defense Analyses Bill Scott, SAIC Bob North, SAIC Charlie Meade, RAND September 7-S, 2000 David Crandall, Department of Energy David Beck, Department of Energy 83 Washington, DC Washington, DC Washington, DC (Verification Subgroup)
From page 84...
... 84 General John Shalikashvili and Ambassador James Goodby, Department of State Dorothy Donnelly, Department of Energy David Watkins, Los Alamos National Laboratory Paul Brown, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Gerald Kiernan, Department of Energy September 21-22,2000 Discussion of draft report; no briefings October 6-7, 2000 Dr. Ted Hardebeck, STRATCOM November 6-7, 2000 Discussion of draft report; no briefings December 11-12, 2000 Discussion of draft report; no briefings APPENDIXB Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Washington, DC Washington, DC Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory September 21-22,2001 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Discussion of response to Academy review, no briefings

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