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Appendix A: Conceptual Framework for Evaluating the Consequences of Uninsurance for Families
Pages 147-152

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From page 147...
... The framework is based on Andersen s model of access to health services, which incorporates ideas from the behavioral sciences to understand the process of health services delivery and health-related outcomes for individuals (Andersen and Davidson, 2001~. In addition, it draws on an economic model of insurance status and the impact of out-of-pocket costs on health care demand.
From page 149...
... Because health care services are provided and consumed locally, the tenn community refers to a residential or geographic grouping. For example, the family of mixed insurance status described earlier may be more likely to seek health care for its child for immunization, if it lives in an area with low-cost services available through a community health clinic or public health department program, factors that would be included in the lower left box of Panel 2.
From page 150...
... The Committee focuses most of its attention on the literature concerning the processes of services delivery and the utilization of health services while recognizing that personal health practices may be influenced by insurance coverage and access to care. The right panel of Figure A.1 describes the ways in which the Committee anticipates that health insurance status may affect the health, economic, and social characteristics of individuals, families, and communities by means of access to and the process of health care delivery.
From page 152...
... · Within the box labeled "health care," Figure A.2 merges the three categories listed in Figure A 1 (i.e., personal health practices, utilization of health services, processes of services delivery)

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