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Appendix F: Institute of Medicine: CDC Anthrax Vaccine & Safety Efficacy Research Program: Interim Report--Findings and Recommendations
Pages 153-154

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From page 153...
... · Despite the absence of a comprehensive plan, the CDC's research program includes appropriate and well-conceived scientific projects that are generally responsive to the Congressional mandate. · The CDC's research program also includes many particular projects that presently are quite underdeveloped or include unspecified elements.
From page 154...
... The committee recommends that the CDC consider, in addition to the proposed clinical teal, prospectively designed pharmacoepidemiologic study of military vaccine recipients with both active surveillance and historical data from DMSS for moderate and severe adverse events in order to assess sex or gender and perhaps other risk factors for adverse events among military personnel receiving the anthrax vaccine. The committee recommends that the CDC consider both the addition of a passive antibody transfer study, and that the animal tnal dose ranging study design include a more gradual dilution series.

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