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5. Concluding Remarks
Pages 53-56

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From page 53...
... A much more inclusive effort is needed to build a seamless system of preparedness and response one that can exercise the best available tools to counter biological threats. This task depends first and foremost on rebuilding the public health infrastructure of the United States, which has been allowed to decay as the nation conquered some of the more common infectious and other disease challenges of the past century.
From page 54...
... The American Medical Association, for example, has produced an excellent primer to help physicians recognize and treat diseases likely to be caused by acts of bioterrorism. Regular updating of physicians and other health care professionals, perhaps through mandatory continuing education courses on the agents that pose the greatest threats, would be prudent.
From page 55...
... CONCLUDING REMARKS 55 The reader is referred to Box 5.1 for Web sites with additional information on bioterrorism.

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