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From page 168...
... dollars directed at capital investments in hospitals and medical schools, and on research activities on these issues in academic medical centers (Boufford and Lee, 2001~. Health investments in population-based or public health capacity building, whether in laboratories, information systems, research, or workforce development and training have lagged woefully behind (IOM, 1988~.
From page 169...
... The committee believes that well-educated public health professionals, who have a real understanding of the multiple determinants of health and their interactions (the ecological model) , are critical to shaping new knowledge, programs, and policies relevant to both individual health and health care, and to population health in the coming century.
From page 170...
... Despite the opportunities provided to public health in terms of resources and attention directed at disaster preparedness as a result of September 11, 2001, and the subsequent anthrax attacks, it is critical that this admittedly important issue not dwarf other challenges of public health and that necessary attention and support be given to strengthening the public health system, including educating public health professionals. It is against this background that the committee developed its recommendations.

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