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Executive Summary
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... In acIdressing the second point, the panel examined those functions, values, and characteristics of the research university most likely to change as well as those most important to preserve. In pursuit of these ends, a panel was formed that consisted of leaders drawn from industry, higher education, and foundations with expertise in the areas of information technology, the ~ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY l
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... 5. Although we are confident that information technology wiT1 continue its rapid evolution for the foreseeable future and may ultimately have profound impacts on human behavior and social institutions such as the research university, it is far more difficult to predict these impacts with any precision.
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... by great uncertainty, the panel instead recommends that the research university and its stakehoIclers develop a continuing dialogue, with national and grassroots components, to help research institutions and the broacler higher-eclucation enterprise unclerstand the advances in information technology ant! address their potential impacts.
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... help the research university not only to survive the coming era of rapid change as a vital American institution but to fulfill its traditional roles of education, research, and service more effectively and in as yet undreamec3-of ways.

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