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Ocean Noise and Marine Mammals (2003) / Chapter Skim
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Appendix A: Committee and Staff Biographies
Pages 153-158

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... Appendixes
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... His research interests include acoustic propagation, reflection, and scattering in the ocean and seabed, acoustic surface waves, scattering theory of waves, computational physics, inverse methods, seismoacoustic ambient noise, and Arctic acoustics and are funded primarily through the Office of Naval Research.
From page 156...
... He was a member of the Minerals Management Service's High Energy Seismic Survey team, through which he has worked with numerous government agencies, the oil and gas industry, and the environmental communities on issues related to marine mammals and sound from industry seismic sources. Gerald D'Spain is an associate research geophysicist at the Marine Physical Laboratory, Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
From page 157...
... She receives research funding from the National Institutes of Health, the Office of Naval Research, the Seaver Foundation, and the National Marine Fisheries Service.
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... A former NOAA Sea Grant Dean John A Knauss Marine Policy fellow, she is now a program officer with the Ocean Studies Board of the National Research Council.

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