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Appendix B: List of Workshop Participants
Pages 98-101

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From page 98...
... Eddy Carnegie Mellon University Institute for Statistics and Its Applications Jeffrey Fagan School of Public Health Columbia University 98 David P Farrington Institute of Criminology Cambridge University Steven Fienberg Department of Statistics Carnegie Mellon University Darnell Hawkins African American Studies University of Illinois, Chicago Philip Heymann Harvard Law School Harvard University Sally Hillsman Office of Research and Evaluation National Institute of Justice Marvin D
From page 99...
... McNeeley School of Criminology and Criminal Justice University of Maryland, College Park John Monahan School of Law University of Virginia Colm O'Muircheartaigh NORC, Statistics and Method University of Chicago 99 Joan Petersilia School of Social Ecology University of California, Irvine Trivellore Raghunathan Institute for Social Research University of Michigan Michael Rand Bureau of Justice Statistics U.S. Department of Justice Linda E
From page 100...
... Crowell Committee on Law and Justice National Research Council Ralph Patterson Committee on Law and Justice National Research Council Brenda McLaughlin Committee on Law and Justice National Research Council
From page 101...
... The members of the committee share a commitment to using basic and applied research to advance prevention research, improve all components of the justice system, develop a broader range of sanctions to sentence offenders; improve criminal justice technology, and expand research in support of new models of justice.

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