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Appendix A: Formation of the Committee
Pages 65-69

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... Appendixes / vlO.O / (12/2/2002) Prepublication Draft: Exact wording subject to change 65
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... neutrino detectors neutrino detectors associated with deep underground research laboratories and large volume detectors, such as IceCube in the context of current and planned neutrino research capabilities throughout the world. Specifically, the study will address the unique capabilities of each class of new experiments and any possible redundancy between these two types of facilities.
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... A See next page.
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... Ihe idmbfication of the moot science problems that could be addressed win a deep underground science laboratory neutrino detector. An a.e.~P^Qgm~t of Me scie.~tific importance of Here px~bleme "d ~0 Patent to Vice lacy Can be addressed with existing, soon.
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... I have asked our Board on Physics and Astronomy to form a committee under the National Research Council to undertake this study. The committee will be charged to complete an approved Research Council report in accordance with your request within 6 months of conclusion of an agreement with the National Science Foundation for financial support of this work.

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