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Committee Recommendations
Pages 35-37

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From page 35...
... However, the committee does not recom~nend an expanded study of exposure to radionuclides other than HI inasmuch as the hyenas doses were much lower than those of HI, they confer essentially non-detectable increases in individual nsk, and the risks are of little public-health significance. Document location and retrieval The committee recommends an effort to retrieve and archive additional relevant information about the nuclear-weapons testing program.
From page 36...
... Make copies of key documents, the data denved from them, and relevant computer codes or other calculation tools and make them all publicly available, including archiving and providing public access to all the databases and spreadsheets generated by the feasibility study and mentioned in it and its appendixes, together with inputs and calculation tools used for other studies performed for ACT and CDC. The committee also recommends that CDC urge Congress to declare a government-w~de moratorium on the destruction of documents that are potentially pertinent to measuring fallout in the United States and to mandate declassification of historical fallout-related records.
From page 37...
... 2. Phase information from the feasibility study into the 13 Nevada Test Site Communication Plan in a timely fashion to give interested American citizens a more complete picture of their exposure to NTS and global fallout with appropriate explanations of relative health risks.

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