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Appendix B: Conclusions and Recommendations: Gulf War and Health, Volume 1
Pages 562-564

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From page 562...
... · Anthrax vaccination and transient acute local and systemic effects. Botulinum toxoid vaccination and transient acute local and systemic effects.
From page 563...
... Exposure to sarin at low doses insufficient to cause acute cholinergic signs and symptoms and subsequent long-term adverse health effects. Anthrax vaccination and long-term adverse health effects.
From page 564...
... Vaccines Long-term longitudinal studies of participants in the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program that would actively monitor and systematically collect and analyze data about symptoms, functional status, and disease status. Long-term systematic research to examine potential adverse effects of anthrax and botulinum toxoid vaccination in multiple species and strains of animals.

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