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2 Using New Materials in Defense Systems
Pages 21-26

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... . How can technical decisionmakers in government and industry better communicate to materials researchers critical system, subsystem, and component engineering opportunities where existing materials limit system performance, so that the opportunities can be addressed by materials not yet in service?
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... Research-to-Development Transition Funding Funds need to be allocated specifically to take promising materials from research through the developmental steps necessary for the materials to become reasonable candidates for service use. Advanced materials that are highly leveraged because they can be used widely or because they have the potential to significantly enhance performance in an important defense canabilitv need ranid development focused on engineering issues 1 ~ 1 1 ~ like manufacturability, low cost, inspectability, joinability, and environmental impact.
From page 23...
... The objective of research-to-development transition funding is to reduce the risk of putting materials into service by making the new material attractive to the engineering and programmatic staff responsible for the performance of deployable systems. Communications Communications among materials researchers and system, subsystem, and component engineers are required to get materials into use.
From page 24...
... CONCLUSIONS This committee believes that many of the materials derived from current and future research will be of great value in engineered systems to meet pressing future defense needs. The effectiveness of materials research and development in bringing advanced materials from concept to service can be enhanced by addressing questions and ideas discussed.
From page 25...
... · DoD should make investments to organize and populate databases that describe the physical properties and attributes of materials to complement and validate materials computer modeling, and to facilitate communication among researchers and engineers at the system, subsystem, and component levels. REFERENCES National Research Council (NRC)

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