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4. Programming Planning
Pages 47-50

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From page 47...
... The 1995 Oil Pollution and Technology Plan for the Arctic and Sub-Arctic is the defacto initial strategic plan for OSRI. Subsequent OSRI annual work plans are actually tactical planning documents.
From page 48...
... The committee considered available OSRI annual reports 1997-1999, 1999, and 2000 and the OSRI FY02 Technology Coordinator's Report to assist in assessing whether the strategic plans were being implemented. The director identified a series of workshop reports used for planrung purposes: PWS;" · Thomas and Cox (2000)
From page 49...
... The strategic plan should be used to inform decisions regarding all OSRI actions. The question to be asked is: How does each activity relate to the OSRI mission?
From page 50...
... The Copper River Delta ecology program is good science but how will the results fit into he overall OSRI program? A strategic plan should clearly identify the linkages among all program elements.

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