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From page 481...
... Recent literature has drawn attention to conceptual analogies in the cities of poor countries, particularly in terms of the growth and outward spread of metropolitan areas and the tendency for initially separate urban centers to be merged in wider metropolitan regions. There is a suggestion that the megacities of low- and high-income countries may have more in common with each other, irrespective of their locations on the globe, than they have with other parts of their own urban systems (Champion, 1998~.
From page 482...
... Greatest attention was paid to the definition of building blocks the smallest territorial units from which cities and metropolitan regions are formed the methods of aggregating these blocks, and territorial coverage. Four papers were commissioned for the review, and these papers outlined four rather different approaches (Adams, 1995; Berry, 1995; Frey and Speare, 1995; Morrill, 1995~.
From page 483...
... In a striking departure from the previous MA standard, a recommendation of the review was not to use measures of "settlement structure." In the previous standard, the level of population density, the percentage urban, and population growth rates were all used, together with measures of commuting, to establish whether outlying counties should be included in an MA. The review led to the conclusion that with the changes in the nature of settlement, commuting patterns, and communications technologies, settlement structure had lost much of its former connection to industrial, occupational, and family structure and could no longer serve as a reliable indicator of metropolitan character.

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