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List of Abbreviations
Pages 379-380

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From page 379...
... Environmental Protection Agency EPR Electron paramagnetic resonance FBE Film-badge equivalent FOIA Freedom of Information Act GAO General Accounting Office GI Gastrointestinal GSD Geometric standard deviation GZ Ground zero ICRP International Commission on Radiological Protection ICRU International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements IOM Institute of Medicine IREP Interactive RadioEpidemiological Program LAN Local area network LET Linear energy transfer MC Monte Carlo MP Military police NA Not applicable NAAV National Association of Atomic Veterans NAS National Academy of Sciences NCI National Cancer Institute NCRP National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements 379
From page 380...
... Department of Veterans Affairs Department of Veterans Affairs Central Office Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office Veterans Issue Tracking Adjudication Log Upper bound U.S.

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