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Science, Medicine, and Animals (2004) / Chapter Skim
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Pages 3-6

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From page 3...
... presents the role animals play within the whole picture of biomedical research, (3) dis cusses the regulations and oversight that govern animal research, and (4)
From page 4...
... The ancients recognized epilepsy and called it "the sacred disease," believing that the seizures of epileptics were caused by gods or demons. Babylonian documents describe the symptoms of epilepsy, as do Greek and Roman medical texts.
From page 5...
... For example, molecular models help scien tists understand how protein structures inside heart cells cause the heart to contract and pump blood. Cellular models simulate how structures interact inside a cell and how a cell functions.
From page 6...
... - biology and behavior or a disease or disability A fatal disease caused by the HIV virus. The HIV can be studied, and in which the normal or virus destroys T cells, which are the cells that abnormal biology is similar to that in humans fight infection.

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