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1. Priorities for Engaging the Public in the Clinical Research Enterprise
Pages 5-8

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... Training for clinical researchers and participants about the ethical conduct of research, including policies and procedures to monitor financial conflicts of interest, also have been suggested as ways to address these concerns (IOM, 2003; Schwetz and Dobs, 2002; Sung et al., 2003~. For these reasons, enhancing the role of the public in the Clinical Research Enterprise was the focus of this workshop.
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... In Dr. Zerhouni's view, there are many aspects of the "There is no Doubt that if we just keep practicing medicine as we know it today, there is very little that we can see that will change the population Dynamics of health and Disease in our country." Elias Zerhouni ENGAGING THE PUBLIC IN THE CLINICAL RESEARCH ENTERPRISE relationship between the public and the Clinical Research Enterprise that are not sufficiently transparent.
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... In addition, he noted that some members of the public, such as minorities and underserved people, are left out; they need to be included in the process. Physicians are essential for a vibrant Clinical Research Enterprise, but the proportion of academic physicians conducting and translating research has decreased since 1980 6 percent of doctors reported research as their primary career activity in 1980 versus 2 percent in 2000~ according to data 7 KEY ISSUES FACING THE CLINICAL RESEARCH ENTERPRISE Asked about the challenge of translating research discoveries into practice, Dr.
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... 2003. Central challenges facing the national clinical research enterprise.

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