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Appendix C: Background for CRR Workshop: Exploring New Models for Engaging the Public in the Clinical Research Enterprise
Pages 54-56

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... These developments are nascent and the inclusion of participants in the traditional research model is not without problems, but if the clinical research enterprise stakeholders wish to gain the trust of skeptical populations, retain participants, address the issues of most importance to particular communities, and disseminate their results among the populations affected by the research, they must engage participants at many stages of the research process. The Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs were among the first to involve consumers in the evaluation of funding decisions for research.
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... reviewboard.html. STEPS TO IMPROVE THE TRANSLATION AND DISSEMINATION OF THE RESULTS OF CLINICAL RESEARCH One of the major issues blocking the application of basic scientific discoveries and the results of clinical trials to improve human health is the lack of planned dissemination and translation of clinical research results.
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... and are omen too short to provide the -~l portent of findings and their implications in relation to ether mats. ENGAGING THE PUBLIC IN THE CLIN;:ICAL RESEARCH ~T^PR~E Clinical research FOSUitS dD~ their meanings in the context of current knowledge must be communicated in order to be elective.

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